Ends on November 1, 2019

A One Act play is more than 10 pages in length with a running time less than one hour.

All One Act plays are considered for the John Cauble Award for Outstanding Short Play and invitation to our regional festival in February.  Plays are selected through a blind reading exchange process with another region of the country.  Three plays will be selected and invited to be presented in a concert reading at festival.
Should your play be selected you may bring a staged reading from your school or university.  If you cannot bring a staged reading we will ask another school to rehearse and bring a stage reading to festival.  Two of the three plays invited to festival will be put forward for consideration at the national level and may be selected for the festival in Washington DC.

Please fill out the form below completely.  We may have to contact you over the winter break if your play is chosen.

In addition there are other awards that your play can be considered for.  If your play meets the requirements described to the right of the award listed check the box next to the award name and your play will be considered.